We have seen some really interesting usernames on social media from TikTok to Instagram. We have found and thought of some of the usernames that only make sense to people from Idaho.


  • 1


    Ah yes, the Idaho joke that everyone is sick of hearing. Embrace the outdated and overused joke. It gives interesting character to the username world.

  • 2


    Idaho potatoes are the sexiest of all the potatoes. I can dig this.

  • 3


    Everyone loves fry sauce. It makes everything it touches a little sexier. French fries, tater tots, a burger, whatever it touches, it gets sexier.

  • 4


    Think of it like Homer from the Simpsons obsession with donuts. That is an Idahoan's obsession with finger steaks. It is a fantasy.

  • 5


    Twinkie Flats is the nickname many locals have given to Twin Falls. Someone who is rocking life in Twin Falls may love this sexy name.

  • 6


    The women of Burley are pretty sexy.

  • 7


    Someone who is loving life in Nampa, Idaho. That place is definitely beautiful and sexy in it's own way.

  • 8


    Loving Boise is easy to do. Emphasize that it is pronounced boy-see not boi-zee. Proper enunciation is sexy.

  • 9


    A bad girl from Gooding. Bad works like good here. She is probably incredibly talented with farm work, super knowledgable with outdoors stuff, all over great Idahoan.

  • 10


    Someone who definitely works at the sugar factory. To work there you have to be a hard worker. That is definitely sexy.

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