Anyone that has stayed in the hospital for a long period of time knows that service dogs can be extremely useful for lifting moods. When choosing a breed for a service dog I would think anything with WOLF in it would be out of the question.

According to KMVT, Wolf Run Wildlife Sanctuary handler Kara Baird, is training a wolf hybrid, that is more wolf than dog, to be a service animal.

The animal is currently in a six-month training program but may take more time than normal to become a certified service animal because the animal is more wolf than dog.

More time, means more money. The cost to train the hybrid dog is $995.00. The non-profit sanctuary, where the animal is housed, takes donations to help cover training costs.

The wolf hybrid is one of many living at the non-profit Wolf Run Wildlife Sanctuary in Nicholasville. Once the animal is certified, it will be able to work on television or movie sets and visit patients in a hospital. The only question you want a wolf hybrid visiting you in the hospital?



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