The snow continues to come and come in Twin Falls and the state of Idaho this week and as it piles up in yards and the roads, people are finding themselves stuck at home. Unable to make it to work, they are forced to work from home, take the day off, or try until they finally get out or are stuck. Staying home from work is fun, but being snowed-in for too long can take its toll and be bad for you. 

Distractions At Home

Working from home is great in theory. You can sleep in, stay in your PJs, snack and eat whenever, use your bathroom, but it also comes with many more distractions. No matter how hard you try to lock yourself away or tell your family to act like you aren't there, it is inevitable that someone, the tv, pets, or something else will grab your attention. When you aren't used to working from home, it is tougher than you think. 

Chores, Cleaning, And Responsibilities

When work needs to be done, it seems like human nature to try and find any excuse not to do it. Since you are snowed-in, things need to be done like building a fire, shoveling the driveway, or cleaning up around the house. With snow, comes more responsibilities, and depending on when you decide to do those, it can take away from work. 

Getting Restless

If snowed-in for a day or two, things wouldn't be so bad, but if you are unable to get out and the snow keeps piling up, then multiple days of being stuck in your house may follow. The longer you are stuck, the more cabin fever is likely to sneak in. Make sure to not isolate from everyone, and also remember, family members, are not punching bags. 

Cabin Fever Stress

A side effect of the restlessness that may happen is the stress that follows. Missing multiple days in the office can make work feel stressful. If you are a gym or outdoor person, being locked up may get to you and stress you out on the workout and hikes you are missing. Make sure to come up with a plan to not get too stressed during your time being stuck inside. 

Laziness Takes Over

All of these can add up to someone becoming pure lazy with their time. With distractions, stress, possible depression, and boredom, laziness may follow. It is easy to want to just curl up and watch Netflix or have a movie marathon. While I wouldn't consider reading a book lazy, if things need to be done, it is not the best time. Make sure to take breaks, but get the things done that need to, but do so at your pace while being productive. 

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As snow remains in the forecast in the coming days and weeks, make sure to enjoy it. Get out and play in the snow, get your work done, and enjoy the time with your family. Make sure to not put off work and things that need to be done but also don't be a couch potato. Enjoy the snow and the beauty it brings, and make sure not to let it turn you crazy. Do you want to build a snowman? 

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