Top 20 Cities for Summer Jobs
I would like to think there are great summer jobs right here in Twin Falls. According to this list, you will need to move to Boise or Scottsdale if you want a great summer job.
Frito Lay Is Hiring In Twin Falls
It's funny how many different places you can stumble across job opportunities in Twin Falls. Looking at the Twin Falls Reddit page, I noticed that someone said that Frito Lay is hiring. As it turns out, they are correct.
What's Your Dream Job?
I love dream questions, like: what would you do with a million dollars and if you could move anywhere, where would you go? Today I was asked a dream question. It was rather simple but, I wasn't able to answer right away. I was asked, "If I could have any job in the world…
76% of Us Wouldn’t Want Our Boss’s Job
What happened to our self-esteem, man?  Has our desire to cling to jobs in this economy made us forget that we're all smarter and more qualified than our bosses?  Because this ain't American right here.
Your Boss May Be Totally Unqualified For His Job
I'm not sure if it's going to make you feel any better to know your boss is basically an idiot who's in way over his head . . . but there's about a one in four chance that HE agrees with you deep down.
According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 26% of managers said that when they wer…
Would You Fake a Reference to Get a Job? [UPDATE]
This seems incredibly risky to me . . . like, if you get caught, it's ALL OVER. . . but if you're desperate enough or sketchy enough, it might appeal to you.
It's a website called and they'll provide you with a FAKE REFERENCE for a job or apartment search...