Twin Falls is a wonderful place to live. If you check out the tourism brochure that shows most of the amazing things in the area, no wonder everyone wants to move here. But we all know those highlights don't paint the full picture. Here are the things that should be in the brochure.

We asked for some input from listeners and we definitely got some gems. Here are things we think should be explained to anyone who may want to come here.

  • 1

    Your definition of windy and our definition of windy is very different

    The wind it Twin Falls is a staple. If you purchase things like trampolines, umbrellas or lawn furniture make sure you strap that stuff down. 40 mile per hour winds is an average day for us here.

  • 2

    No, that is not the "Twin Falls"

    Almost every single person that comes here asks if Shoshone Falls is Twin Falls. Though Twin Falls are interesting themselves, Shoshone Falls is the major tourist attraction and it is beautiful.

  • 3

    Sometimes it smells

    Seriously, it does, and that is ok. There are dairies, yogurt factories, slaughterhouses, sugar beet factories and they tend to make the area smell funny. It isn't always, just sometimes.

  • 4

    Earthquakes? Skyquakes? Booms

    We get some mysterious booms. They aren't earthquakes, they aren't sky quakes and if you ask the military it definitely isn't them. We just don't know for sure.

  • 5

    Green doesn't really mean "go now"

    It actually means take your time because there are two or three cars blowing through that red light so take your time.

  • 6

    People jump off the bridge, and it is ok to follow them

    BASE jumping is huge here. It can be a little scary to see people jumping off the bridge but they have parachutes and it is ok. Yes, I know your parents told you not to follow the crowd but if you are looking for a thrill, give it a shot. Just seek professional help.

  • 7

    People carrying those grocery bags aren't homeless

    People like to walk around town with grocery bags because they are hunting; for wild asparagus. It grows in canals around the area. Not sure the laws around it but people like to do it.

  • 8

    We really are that nice

    Do not fret when people make eye contact with you, a complete stranger strikes up a conversation or your neighbor brings you fresh baked cookies. This is normal. They don't want anything from you, they just are friendly people.

  • 9

    Everyone is carrying a gun

    Ok maybe not everyone, just mostly everyone. Residents are allowed to carry a weapon here past the age of 18 and most people will. It's normal, not dangerous.

  • 10

    You're going to hear a lot of "we're full"

    Yes we are a friendly group of people, yes we like people coming to the area but we don't necessarily want to become any bigger. We like our small town feel and sure you can come visit, but it would be ok if you didn't stay here permanently.

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