We all worry about things. It's human nature but do you worry that you worry too much? Wrap your head around that one. What a vicious cycle...

A new study from the Daily Mail, found we're literally wasting years of our lives worrying.  The average person worries, one hour and 50 minutes a day.  That's almost 28 entire days per year . . . or five total years of your entire adult life.

So, what are we worrying about? Here is the top things we worry about.

  1. Work
  2. Money
  3. Being late
  4. A friend or relative's health
  5. Our own health
  6. Relationships
  7. Missing a plane or bus
  8. Not waking up to our alarm
  9. Our appearance
  10. Our family's safety

I am shocked that, kids and how to properly parent, isn't number one. Maybe I am the only one that worries about that.

The study also found 84% of us have lost sleep over worrying.

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