With all that has been going on in the world over the last couple of years, it is common for everyone to be stressed out. With the economy and stock market in their current states, a pandemic that spread across the world, people losing their jobs, and gas prices going up, there is much to be stressed about, and that isn't even the everyday life stress that most of us deal with. Work, driving, kids, friends, family, there is much to be stressed about daily, and finding a place to be calm can be tough. When it comes to living in a city, life often becomes more stressful, and some cities can be more stressful than others. Which ones cause the most stress and which ones make for a more relaxed living environment in the United States?

The Most Stressful and Most Calming Cities in the United States

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There are multiple ways to be stressed out in life and on a recent list released by WalletHub, they ranked the most stressful and least stressful states in the United States by using a few different categories. They based their list on work stress, financial stress, family stress, and health and safety stress. Based on these categories, it was determined that Cleveland, Ohio is the most stressful city to live in. Detroit, Michigan was second and Gulfport, Mississippi rounded out the top three. As far as the calmest cities, the least stressful city is Freemont, California, just ahead of South Burlington, Vermont, and Madison, Wisconsin to make up the bottom three.

Is Idaho Stressful to Live In?

Credit: fizkes
Credit: fizkes

When it comes to living in Idaho, Boise has been voted one of the least stressful cities to live in. Out of the 182 cities on the list, it ranked at 166, which for this list is good. It was 174 in work stress, 168 in financial stress, 137 in family stress, and 105 in health and safety stress. Work and finances don't seem to be a worry much in Boise, but health seems to be what causes the most stress. There was another Idaho city on the list, with Nampa coming in at 115. It ranked a surprising 37 in health and safety stress. Overall both cities prove that living in Idaho is relatively calm and stress-free, with health and safety being the only cause for concern. The natural beauty, clean air, and great outdoors nearby help relieve much of the stress people in the city may experience.

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While Idaho may not be for everyone, one thing it does well is to relax people. Being away from the major cities, all the traffic, and getting outdoors, makes living in Boise, Nampa, and any other part of the state much more relaxing than anywhere else. Life being more simple can often make it more enjoyable and with less stress, it is better for your physical health, and mental health, and makes for a happier life. The next time you feel stressed, look back at this list and smile knowing you live in a calming place. Click the link above to check out the full list. 

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