There are plenty of open job positions in the Magic Valley. Finding the right fit is a very intense deep dive into what you are really looking for in a career. Are you fast-paced? Do you want to be outdoors? Do you like interacting with people? Do you like solving problems?

Are You Looking for the Job That Fits You Best?

Some people thrive on stress and pressure. Those things are motivating or even invigorating to them. But if you are looking for a new career and are trying to keep stress at bay, there are a few jobs to definitely avoid. Here are some stressful jobs available in the Magic Valley if you’re interested, or maybe skip them if you're looking for peace and calm.

Social Worker - This job can be one of the most stressful and rewarding undertakings you will ever consider.
Law Enforcement - The rewards are great, but so are the risks. A job you have to love if you are going to be successful at it.
Attorney - After all the stress of getting a degree and license, maybe stress is something you live on.
Nursing - The people that make the things that need to happen, happen. They are the ultimate coordinators.
Doctor - Honestly there are so many types of MD, Ph.D., DO, etc. that I couldn’t sort through them all, so they were grouped under ‘doctor’. Apologies for any poor phrasing of your important degrees. Very stressful, but also very needed in the Magic Valley.
Sales - Not a bad job if you are made for it, but definitely stressful. Not only are you required to make quotas, but your sales determine if other people get paid as well. No pressure.
Dental Hygienist - There is a saying that the profession people hate the most is dentists. Is it really? Or do they hate the hygienist who rats them out? It’s like having a tattle-tale sibling that tells on you so you have to get fillings.
Chef - If my experience watching ‘Ratatouille’ has any bearing, then this is an extremely stressful job.
Teacher - Given my choice, probably the most important on this list. Without teachers, none of the people applying for the other jobs would have learned how to do them.

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