This event was supposed to be a joke, with the tag "they can't stop us all" but the raid is actually happening. Dozens of people are outside the base rioting. You can get live updates.

I seriously can not believe that people are trying to raid Area 51 in search for aliens. Right now all the live streams of video are cutting in and out because, well frankly there is no cell phone service out there. At least what little they have is pretty shotty.

Reports are kind of all over the place right now. Some are saying dozens, others are saying thousands have gathered at the gates of Area 51 with signs like "Free ET From The Government" and "Locked Up For What".

One report says that a woman was caught and taken away trying to duck underneath the fence and another man was urinating on the fence. Both have been taken into custody.

I am not sure what people were expecting when they decided to go out in the middle of nowhere. There is no gas station, there is one bed and breakfast, no place to get food or go to the bathroom. The closest little towns are going to be completely overrun if people start going there for the necessities.

This hoax turned music festival turned even more absurd is insane to me. They say the government can't stop them all but I am positive they can. I really hope this ends and nobody gets hurt because this could be catastrophic.

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