After reading over many submissions, 95.7 KEZJ has three nominations for you, our listeners, to vote for. Here's some information on our finalists for January 2020's The Duran Group Powered By Epic Realty's Hometown Hero.

Roxanne Hoke Berheim

Roxanne Hoke Berheim - The nominator says Roxanne and Michael have been helping to develop the minds of our youth for over 25 years as 4-H leaders in Twin Falls County. If you were to ask people what they thought about Roxanne, the nominator said you would be told that she is a very genuine person, a great listener, and an amazing leader. The nominator says Roxanne has helped kids all over our state in numerous leadership opportunities. The nominator says she is truly amazing and would do anything and everything she could to help a friend in need.

KEvin Melton

Kevin Melton - According to the nominator, Kevin is one of the many hard-working farmers in the Magic Valley. They say he works endless hours tending to his crops and his cattle. Kevin grows three types of dry edible beans, corn, wheat, barley, and hay for the Magic Valley. He also runs Black Angus cattle. The nominator says Kevin Melton sponsors awards every year to the beef banquet for 4-H and FFA. When his children were in 4-H, FFA, and Rodeo, the nominator says he donated endless items and hours into each of the groups. Kevin has also helped fellow farmers in need by letting them use his equipment, helped them harvest, or given advice. The nominator says they think we think we should appreciate the farmers in our area more. "Each year we lose farms to development. Making it hard for the few who are still trying to make a living farming. Without farms, there is no food. So hug a farmer and say thank you," the nominator said.

Tom Woodland

Tom Woodland - The nominator says Mr. Woodland has been the Gooding High School Ag teacher for over 30 years. He has taken countless students to state and national FFA competitions. According to the nominator, Mr. Woodland not only teaches his students about agriculture, but he also teaches them life skills that make them productive members of society. The nominator says Tom also runs a Soup Kitchen for the community of Gooding every Tuesday night. They say he is a mentor for many of his students and wants every one of them to succeed. If you ask anyone in the community, the nominator says they'd say Tom is a true inspiration with a selfless heart. The nominator says is a person many people look up to and deserves to be recognized by the entire Magic Valley because he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

If you'd like to nominate someone you know, fill out a form here.

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