I am not trying to get anyone in trouble and I am not against dogs being in the back of a truck. That being said, I am not sure what I would do if I was following this truck in Twin Falls as these dogs are having a hay day in the back.

Again, I am not against dogs being in the back of a truck. There are plenty of dogs that can hang out back there, have the time of their life, and be safe. This video, however, does not seem safe to me. Not only for the dogs but the drivers around them as well.

I would honestly be distracted driving behind this because I would be worried for the dogs. I am not saying that this person is wrong or right having their dogs back there having a great time. I am saying, I would not be able to concentrate on anything but watching the dogs jump around.

I am all for letting dogs be dogs and, these two definitely look like they are having the time of their lives. I am just not sure that a dog climbing on top of the cab of a truck is a good idea. If that dog fell there could be some serious repercussions, not only for the dog but the drivers around them. I am glad that this didn't end poorly and the dogs are able to live a happy life. Here's hoping nothing bad happens in the future.

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