The Canyon Rim Ruck Walk is happening on October 8th and the purpose of the hike is to raise awareness about veteran suicide and mental health. Joshua Burnside is the director of Hiatus Ranch of Idaho and it focuses on helping veterans through hard times.

Credit: Ellyn Felton
Credit: Ellyn Felton

The Canyon Rim Ruck Walk 2022

The walk will take place on October 8th, 2022 at the Twin Falls Visitor Center. The event is 10 miles The rain or shine event starts at 7 am and the sign-in time starts at 6:20 am. The fee is by donation only so there is no set amount. This is the second year for the walk. It was originally created by a student at Inspire Connection Academy who lost a brother to suicide. The walk aims to raise awareness and money for veterans and their families going through mental health issues. All funding will go to support veterans.

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10-Mile Walk Brought To You By:

Southern Idaho Republic Women and Hiatus Ranch of Idaho. The Hiatus Ranch of Idaho is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping disabled combat veterans and rescuing animals while providing a safe place for them to return to their full life. The ranch offers several different types of retreats to help rehabilitate those suffering. They offer financial assistance when they can, they are raising service dogs for veterans and offering human-horse therapy. Participants will have daily chores and projects they will focus on each day to stay busy and positive. It is a 40-acre ranch in Shoshone that has housing for up to 5 veterans.

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Veteran Suicide And Mental Health Issues

It really does feel like there has been an uptick in mental health crises across the nation. Veterans have put everything on the line for us and this is just a small way to show some appreciation for what they have done. So take a 10-mile walk and donate whatever you can, even if it is just time, to raise awareness for mental health issues in veterans.

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