It might not be something you think about, but while off roading there is a pretty good chance you could unwittingly start a wild fire. Parts of your vehicle could start a wild fire pretty quickly and get out of hand just as fast.

The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office Facebook page shared some statistics and information how you can prevent catching something on fire while you are out exploring.

How you may inadvertently start a fire

Did you know that the bottom of your vehicle can get hot enough to start a fire if you decide to park in tall vegetation and weeds? An exhaust can get so hot it starts it pretty quickly. I also suggest you don't put your hand down there.

You should also check under your car for any weeds or grass or whatever dead plant might be lurking under there and clear it out. Driving with that under there could cause a spark, that is all it need.

Don't let your chain drag if you are hauling anything. Bad idea.

Use approved spark arrestors on your off road vehicles and also clean those out.

Don't let things like your exhaust pipe hang under your vehicle. Any metal parts of your car that may be damaged and dangling can cause a fire.

Stop or prevent a fire before it starts

Make sure you always have an easy access fire extinguisher.

A shovel is always a good thing to have too, especially if you are having a camp fire. Dirt snuffs out smoke pretty quick.

Don't bring things like fireworks, exploding targets, sky lanterns with you. Not worth the danger

Keep your campfire small and manageable, IF it is allowed where you are. Make sure you always check fire restrictions before you head out.

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