April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared a video compilation of how the results of distracted driving can be life-threatening. The video is from all over the country and involves lots of different types of drivers.

DISCLAIMER: Some people may find this video disturbing. Watch at your own risk

This video is absolutely insane. I can't believe how quickly things can go from, an open road ahead of you, to, bam! It only takes a split second to go from fine to not fine when it comes to the open road. This is especially true for highways due to increased speeds.

Some of these people you can actually see the cell phone in their hands or right in front of their face. Some of them were able to recover and not cause a serious accident. I was surprised to see how many of them were semi-truck drivers.

I know everyone has driven down Blue Lakes or Poleline and seen people texting, talking on the phone using their hands, or much worse. Distracted driving does not just include using your cell phone. It also includes things like doing your makeup, eating a burger, or even worse, clip their toe nails.

Please, make sure that you drive responsibly. Things can happen in a split second. I also am curious what the craziest thing you have ever seen someone do while driving. I saw someone curl their hair driving 90 down the highway. Scary stuff. No distracted driving!

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