This is something I hope to be able to do myself one day. A server at a Twin Falls restaurant received a $2,021 tip with a note of encouragement on it for a happier 2021. The Garibaldi's server said she was shocked.

Carissa Clements shared her story about receiving the generous tip on Facebook and with me stating she was in shock when she saw the receipt. Carissa said that once she saw the receipt she actually ran outside to make sure that it wasn't a mistake, a decimal place in the wrong spot.

"I saw the ticket and ran outside to make sure it was correct and I didn't misunderstand it. He was trying to leave before I thanked him, but I made sure I caught him," Carissa said.

The generous tipper was from Texas and was just passing through. When asked what Carissa plans on doing with the tip she said her 4 month old son got COVID so she will be paying some hospital bills and getting her kids ready for college.

"It's funny, I had switched shifts with a girl...I was supposed to have that day off. I'm thankful I said yes to the switched shift," Carissa said.

It's crazy to think that Carissa who wasn't even supposed to work the shift and ended up switching with a coworker who needed that day off, and now she has the ability to pay off hospital bills and get a savings account for college ready for her two boys. It is nice to know there are still great people in the world and how it can make such a difference.

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