I think this is something every single driver has done a time or two, inching out into the intersection when the yellow arrow is flashing to turn left. Now the real question is, do you think that is legal or illegal?

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According to the Twin Falls Police Department, technically both. If you can inch out without hindering anyone else from crossing through the intersection and there is space in the lane you are turning into, you can. However, the moment there is no space in the lane you are driving into and that yellow flashy light turns red, illegal.

The Twin Falls Police Department released a video kind of explaining the entire situation. They stated that you should not block a crosswalk, intersection and you should wait behind the intersection line to be completely safe. Also, it pretty much guarantees that you don't make an illegal turn left and get caught in the intersection when the light turns red from that flashy yellow light.

I know, a bunch of you are saying "Oh come one go back to Drivers Ed this is an obvious one." Well, if it was so obvious I am not sure all the people who do it ALL the time would do so. I think this is one of the most common traffic infractions I run into, that and just running red lights all willy nilly. But I digress.

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