Just days following the tragic drowning of an area 15-year-old girl, the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office is warning the community about the dangers of swimming in one of Twin Falls' most popular spots to cool off.

Pillar Falls is an area of the Snake River in Twin Falls that can be accessed either by kayaking out of Centennial Park, or a 1.1 mile trailhead. It's known for having swift currents, and every summer many area residents have close calls navigating its waters. In 2020, a kayaker nearly drowned in the area.

Recently, the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office released statements warning those who enjoy spending time at Pillar Falls to watch out for trouble spots in the waters, and advised against swimming in the area all together. The combination of the currents, undertow and depth at Pillar Falls, can be a recipe for disaster.

I personally haven't been out  to the area, because we take our 5-year-old with us when we kayak, and it's just a risk we aren't willing to take. Sheriff's officials also say in the video that those that like walking on the rocks at Pillar Falls should be wearing life jackets, as the rocks are slippery. The sheriff's office advises those who consider themselves to be above average swimmers to also stay out of  the water.

Some are considering placing signs in the area advising people against entering the water at Pillar Falls. Most recently, a 15-year-old female went missing while swimming in the area, and was found by Twin Falls' search and rescue days later.

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