The Most Dangerous Place to Live in Idaho
I never think of Idaho as a dangerous place, but as more and more crime pops up in the news it got me thinking about where the shady spots are and according to this report the most dangerous place to live is a city right here in the Treasure Valley.
Dangerous Cities in Idaho
I have always considered Twin Falls a safe place to live and raise a family. So, I was a little shocked to learn that Twin Falls is on the list of the "10 Most Dangerous Cities in Idaho".
No Flip-Flops?
I realize some people won't talk to you if they see that you are wearing flip flops because they HATE them. However, there are a lot of people that love flip flops and practically live in them from March to November. According to Health.com, there are a few times that you should not be wearing flip-…
The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do Today Is . . . Sit Down
You drive to work on roads filled with distracted idiots.  You walk in past the smokers and inhale their second-hand smoke.  You eat a high-fat breakfast.  You look at the ceiling tiles and realize they're still packed with asbestos.
And after all that . . . you still haven't…