The Twin Falls Fire Department shared on their Facebook page that today, Tuesday June 23rd, they saved a dog that had fallen off the Canyon Rim Trail. 

According to their Facebook page and the photos, the dog has fallen off the trail and landed on a bush on the canyon wall. Thankfully, the Twin Falls Fire Department were able to get a team together and save the dog. He was returned to his family safe and sound.

I can't even imagine what the dog owners were going through. The poor guy was probably just excited to be outside, like the rest of us. Now, before everyone gets up in arms about the dog possibly not being on a leash or the owners not paying attention, we do not know the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Maybe the leash was on the dog and he fell through with his collar, maybe the owners were paying attention and the dog slipped. Again, I don't think that the owners were negligent, and if they called quick enough to get help out there the pup is obviously loved.

I am just glad this story has a happy ending. I know I would be devastated if something like this happened to one of my doggos. Big thank you to the Twin Falls Fire Department for helping and sharing the good news. We are super happy that "Maverick" made it safely home.

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