Mitch Pollock lives in Twin Falls and graduated from the College of Southern Idaho, while he was there he was on the Rodeo team. Now he has graduated he is doing pro rodeo and, on his downtime, doing some practicing.

Mitch recreated the viral video of the Idaho Falls man riding his skateboard lip syncing to Fleetwood Mac. Mitch decided to do the same thing, while on a bucking horse. And the 27 year old nailed it.

Apparently he did this all in one take. He and his wife decided to do this as kind of a joke with his friends and it started to go viral. And can you blame it? Look at the dismount from the horse. Mitch said that wasn't intentional, it just kind of happened that way. I am definitely impressed.

Mitch also said he grew up with Fleetwood Mac and has always loved their music so he already knew all the words by heart. And with COVID 19, the season has been kind of slow so he has been practicing every day and apparently, having a little viral fun as well.

Mitch also said he wasn't expecting it to get the traction it did, he was doing it as a joke for some friends, maybe get a thousand views. Well, he has definitely got a little more attention. And he has found himself a new fan. We will be looking for you Mitch throughout the season.

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