When I first heard about a coloring event in Twin Falls I thought...oh, my nieces will love this! Too bad this coloring event isn't for children. Yup, it's for adults only. An adult coloring event sounds odd but when you think about how stressful our lives have become maybe we need to sit down and color.

I have to admit...my friend purchased an adult coloring book for me and I love it. I've never busted out the coloring book when my kids weren't coloring or thought to myself...I'm so stressed I just need to color. But, I've enjoyed the coloring book while coloring with my kids.

While an adult coloring event sounds odd to me, I would go check it out. Who knows? I might have a blast!

Twin Falls's Coffee and Coloring Event will be held at Barnes and Noble on Thursday, July 21st from 6pm to 8pm.