The newest Twin Falls auto care business is holding a contest that will award a full year of free car washes to the winner. If you don't mind singing or lip syncing to your favorite song, your efforts will result in a squeaky clean vehicle for 12 months.

Tommy's Express Car Wash, at 135 Cheney Drive and across from Walmart, is approaching its one month anniversary here in Twin Falls. Tommy's is also currently holding a contest for a year of free service.

This week, the business released a video to its Facebook page that explains the criteria one must meet in order to qualify for the big prize. The thirty-three second clip shows staffers singing along to a song as they pass through one of the business' car washes. Tommy's Express Car Wash is asking those interested to do the same as they pass through, and to record a portion of it.

Their services, which includes four different packages, has standard washes starting at $7 (or $19.99 per month) to more detailed ones that will run a person $10. Tommy's opened in late-July, and also offers memberships. Tommy's also has vacuum stations for those that wish to stop in quickly and get rid of small interior messes.

I would have no choice but to choose the lip sync option, as my singing voice is horrific. As far as the song I would select while passing through the wash, well I've narrowed it down to either "The Handshake," by Bad Religion, "Outstanding," by the Gap Band, or NOFX's "Stickin In My Eye.": Yea, I'm good with either one of those.

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