This guy was caught on camera walking through another person's yard at 2 in the morning. As soon as this person sees the camera he turns around and walks away. Many people have been curious what he is wearing. Someone gave me the answer to that as well.

He got caught wandering:

The person who shared the video wished to stay anonymous and I don't blame them. This person is wearing what looks to be a robe or something as they walk through another person's property at 2 am. Well, it looks to me like this person is a Naruto fan because what they are wearing is a costume from that show.

What is he wearing?

It looks like he is wearing this outfit from the show Naruto and this is Sasuke Uchiha's outfit. It is a pretty good one I am guessing.


What was he doing?

This I absolutely do not have an answer for. He looks pretty harmless, just meandering around like it isn't strange to be in someone else's yard at 2 in the morning. The only thing that is even slightly concerning to me is that he saw the camera and immediately walked away. I have no idea what he was thinking about doing until he saw the camera. Maybe nothing, maybe something, we will never know.

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