Without a state mandate in Idaho for people to wear masks we are seeing more business asking, or in some cases requiring, their customers to wear them. Kohl's and Walmart will begin requiring masks on Monday, July 20th and the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is asking you wear masks now when entering the shelter.

They are asking you to wear masks for the safety and health of their staff and invite you to mask up and go check out the many animals waiting for homes right now. They have posted new galleries of cats and dogs that are ready for homes including a beautiful Great Pyrenees named Thor. He's a big dog in need of a yard with a high and sturdy fence. He loves other dogs too.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is always very open and honest about the animals at the shelter. Not all dogs are going to be great with cats and kids and not all cats are going to do well inside a home. This kitty was brought in feral but is now ready to be a queen mouser on your property and her adoptions only $10.

Of course, if you are looking for a cuddly kitty or a kid friendly pup there are those options at the shelter too. The People For Pets Facebook page has galleries of their variety of cats and dogs. Here are some of the dogs:

Check out these cool cats:

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