Once again the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is requesting that people do not tie up and leave animals outside of the shelter. This can be dangerous for many reasons and the Twin Falls Animal Shelter explained proper ways to get help with animals.

Twin Falls Animal Shelter See Animals Tie Overnight

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has said numerous times that people should not leave animals when the shelter is closed and tied up overnight. The same goes for animals left in crates. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter said they have come across deceased animals dumped there multiple times as well. Please do not do either of those things.

Twin Falls Animal Shelter
Twin Falls Animal Shelter

Help With Dog Left Overnight At Shelter

Recently, a man was seen at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter tying up a dog and leaving. The shelter posted pictures from the security cameras so they can get more information about the dog. They aren't sure if it is an owner surrender or a stray. The dog is super cute too so if you are looking to add to your family, it might be a good option.

What To Do With Strays After Hours

If you come across a stray and you cannot keep it overnight you can contact animal control or the non-emergency dispatch to get help. They will be able to help with the animal until the shelter opens. The Twin Falls Shelter also stated that they are very full of animals, so if you need to do an owner surrender, please call the shelter first and don't dump the animal there.

It's starting to get really cold at night so leaving an animal in the weather could be detrimental to its health. It could also leave them defenseless if something were to attack it and it was tied up or in a crate. There are lots of different reasons animals are in the shelter, we shouldn't judge other people's choices and reasoning. Just remember there is always a way to help the animal during non-business hours.

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