Someone reached out to us and told us a story about how his wife was pulled over and cited for crossing double yellow lines on Blue Lakes. Just a friendly reminder that it is illegal to do so.

I see it all the time on Blue Lakes when people are driving north and trying to get to McDonalds on the corner of Blue Lakes and Heyburn. There is a double yellow line there, no turn lane and it causes some serious traffic issues when people stop in the middle of the road to try to make a left turn into McDonalds. Not to mention, it is illegal. You could get a ticket.

We all know that double yellow solid lines indicate you cannot pass someone. But when there are two sets of double yellow lines, making sort of an island between the two sets, that is to be treated like a solid wall. Drivers should not drive on or over these road markings. According to the drivers ed handbook you may not make a left turn or a U-turn across it either.

The person who messaged us said that his wife got a ticket for it but he sees people do it all the time. I do as well. Even though it is not something that is supposed to happen doesn't mean that it doesn't. I feel bad she got cited when so many people do it.

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