So many people are worried about the Coronavirus and it is getting blown out of proportions. So much so, businesses are hurting because of some overreactions. We made an easy to follow list of the things you should and should not be afraid of because of the Coronavirus.

DON'T be afraid of:

  • Corona beer - no, it is not contaminated. Yes, it is just a name. People dumping out their Corona beer is really just alcohol abuse which is a whole different kind of disaster.
  • Eating at Chinese restaurants - just because they serve Chinese cuisine does not mean that you will get sick from eating there. Chances are all that food is from the United States and it is no more or less dangerous than eating at any other style of restaurant.
  • Corona Village in Boise - again, it is fine. Go ahead and eat there. The name is still just a coincidence.
  • Popping bubble-wrap - I am pretty sure this is just a joke circulating on the internet, I hope, but popping the air out of bubble wrap isn't going to hurt you - probably.
  • Playing Chinese Checkers - again everything inherently Chinese is not going to magically give you the disease.

Things you SHOULD be afraid of because of Coronavirus:

  • People who don't wash their hands, but you should be afraid of those people no matter if there is an outbreak of disease anyway.
  • Flights to China, you probably shouldn't decide to go on vacation there right now. Don't be afraid of the airplane, just don't go to the destination.
  • Yep, that's it.
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