When I think of stressful jobs I think of surgeons, lineman, police officers, and fireman... not broadcasters. According to a new study, "Broadcaster" is the seventh most stressful job you can have.

What? Seriously?

Here is the complete list of the top 10 most stressful jobs from CareerCast.com:

  1. Firefighter.
  2. Member of the military.
  3. General in the military.
  4.  Airline pilot.
  5.  Police officer.
  6.  Actor.
  7.  Broadcaster
  8.  Event coordinator.
  9.  Photojournalist.
  10.  Newspaper reporter.

They also ranked the least stressful jobs you can have. The top ten are:

  1. Hair stylist.
  2. Audiologist... which is someone who tests people's hearing.
  3. University professor.  Specifically ones who have tenure.
  4. Medical records technician.
  5. Jeweler.
  6.  Medical laboratory technician.
  7.  Tailor.
  8.  Dietician.
  9.  Librarian.
  10.  Forklift operator.

Did your career make the list of most or least stressful? Do you agree with the survey results? I'm not sure I do, but I'll think about it while I'm doing my breathing exercises during my next panic attack.

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