There are plenty of good jobs that people keep for various reasons. Working for a stable company with a dependable history is important to some. Other workers value a higher pay scale. It could be that an employee is looking for quality medical, dental, and vision benefits that won’t cost more than their salary.

What’s the Difference Between a Job and a Career?

Kids dream of being doctors, ballet dancers, or pilots. They don’t think of growing up and being a factory worker. It isn’t a bad job at all, but it is not considered a career. A career can take years of study, hard work, or honing talent. A career is usually considered to be an occupation or profession that can drive an individual to a life-long journey of rewarding challenges and achievements within a chosen field of study or trade.

If You Could Be Anything, What Would You Choose?


After all the school and time invested along a chosen career path, some people find they have not made the best choices toward a lifelong commitment. If given a do-over, what career path would they choose? Sometimes even adults daydream about a career change.


That’s right, it’s over. It’s all over. You had one path to choose, Idaho. You never attained the coveted chocolatier career path. Now, couldn’t one be a chocolatier and still keep their job? Sure. But it could be that the coveted career would need to also be financially successful.

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If a chocolatier isn’t your #1 choice, perhaps you have chosen one of the other most popular in Idaho. Maybe an environmental scientist or luxury real estate agent is closer to your aspirational life goal.

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Inspecting mirrors is a job I could really see myself doing.

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