So, it's official. It's Hell is Freezing Over Day. Considering the fact that I'm debating with my husband about unpacking the kayaks and he's arguing that golfing would be better, I think we're in a bit of an unusual place for this time of year in our area. Though when I look at the average, aren't we about right? Sure, maybe a few degrees above normal, but still, about right.

Then there are OTHER places. The actual Hell on Earth has frozen over in the Midwest. Antarctica is a high of -27 degrees or so during their summer right now.  Fargo, North Dakota is a respectable -3 degrees. Minneapolis, Minnesota at a -2 degrees.

Des Moines, Iowa is looking at 9 degrees, but that doesn't include their wind chills. The weather in Iowa on Wednesday was so cold even Antifreeze was FREEZING. Yeah, that's possible apparently during a Polar Vortex.

Portland, Maine comes in at 16 degrees. Manchester, New Hampshire is 17 degrees. Yet again, I'm loving the Magic Valley! Welcome to 43 degrees and sunny!


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