Shoshone Falls is one of the most popular tourist visits in the Twin Falls area. Visitors love to see the falls nicknamed the Niagra of the West - though it is 45 feet higher than Niagra. Residents enjoy a relaxing picnic afternoon or walk along the canyon with this wonderful view as a backdrop.

When is Shoshone Falls After Dark?

Shoshone Falls is a powerful sight on the Snake River that is best experienced in the spring. But, once it gets dark, there’s not really much to do at a waterfall, right? No, not normally. But during the month of May, Shoshone Falls will shine brightly on Thursday-Sunday nights.

Shoshone Falls After Dark
Credit Southern Idaho Tourism

For a fourth year, dazzling displays of lights will dance across the water in color-changing patterns choreographed to music. Idaho Central Credit Union presents Shoshone Falls After Dark. Midnight Productions Studios provides music pre-mixed by Idaho DJ, Eric Rhodes to enhance the visual spectacle.

What to Expect at Shoshone Falls After Dark

Revelers will be able to take in the fantastic show at the park all along the railing and newly upgraded overlook platform. Since the show is not visible from a parked vehicle, attendees need to plan to enjoy the beautiful spring evenings and prepare accordingly with clothing and flashlights. The lights and music display rain or shine and no refunds are offered.

It is best to buy in advance since this event has historically sold out in the past. Tickets are available now and are charged per vehicle size. General admission is $20, and oversized vehicles are $30. (not including tax and booking fee) Passes are transferable but not refundable.

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