What a magical creature is the Tooth Fairy. In our youth, this mystical being took a bloody nub from one’s mouth and exchanged it for a shiny coin. While this flitting personage continues to frequent many a child’s household, the rate of exchange for each DNA sample changes from state to state and year to year.

How Can the Tooth Fairy Adjust for Inflation?

Back in the olden days of 1980, some children were happy to see a new 50-cent piece or perhaps a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin for their fastidious placement of a tooth that had chosen to leave its perch. The cost of living requires adjustments to the compensatory factor.

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US Inflation Calculator puts that $1 in 1980 at $3.74 in today’s economy. Has the Tooth Fairy been able to keep up? A poll suggests the exchange rate may have decreased from a year ago. The average value of a natural chewing device is $5.74, so maybe the Fairy follows the trends better than before.

How Does the Tooth Fairy Exchange Rate Vary?

Family traditions play a part in how much teeth are worth, but there is a new payment plan evolving. A 1st tooth gains a $1 coin under the pillow, the 2nd is $2, and so on. Once a child has lost all 20 baby teeth, this flittery friend has forked over $210.

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Other families may find the flying collector of human fangs bestows $5 for each tooth. Using prodigious math skills, the calculations show that these unlucky children only net $100 total for all their pain and suffering. Maybe the Tooth Fairy doesn’t love those children as much.

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How does the Tooth Fairy get to work? The tooth ferry.

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