There are times words are said that are difficult to hear. It seems that the more true a statement is, the harder it can cut. But there is an acronym to use to make the statement completely acceptable in any awkward conversation.

In the beginning, LOL meant Laugh Out Loud when being sent via text. It started in the 1980’s in Canada. Why did it have to be Canada?


This acronym has taken on a new meaning. It is now used less as a measurement of something funny. Currently, it is more of a polite way to dig at a topic. Let’s look at an example.

Hey! I’m still waiting for a response. Sorry, I just need to know.LOL

The sender of this message does not seem to be laughing in this statement. Not to themselves, much less out loud.

How LOL is Now Used in Messaging

LOL has morphed into a way to say things that may be mean or rude without getting into trouble. Or at least being dismissive of the other person’s inference from a statement. The statement is supposedly in jest, so the person making the statement has no responsibility.

There Has Always Been Some Form of LOL

The type of phraseology LOL uses is not new. In the South, you used to be able to say just about anything if it was followed up by ‘Bless (insert pronoun here) heart.’ Use the following sentence for reference:

That poor thing is so ugly, a mamma moose would reject it. Bless his heart.

A sentence begun with ‘no offense’ is also a popular use of this type of phrasing excuse.

No offense, but you smell like a microwave after somebody cooked fish in it, then let a skunk in to freshen up the kitchen.

Well, those words at the beginning of the statement made the rest totally cool.

Sometimes gentle ribbing is used. Your boss at work may say:

Your TPS reports come in late. You having afternoon delightful lunches with your girlfriend? (awkward silence) Just giving you a hard time.

This tactic is even more potent if there are multiple witnesses.

The classic favorite is ‘Just kidding.’

Everyone hates your singing. There’s so much sound coming through your nose, it’s surprising you have to move your lips at all. Just kidding!


There is no way this kind of microaggression will ever end. You can let it get to you, or you can let it go.

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