Idaho is full of lakes and obviously the Snake River. There are tons of places to enjoy water but we have found some of the most clear, the bluest water around the area. We even have a few bonuses that aren't close but might be worth a trip.

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Also let us know if we missed anything.


  • 1

    Blue Heart

    Blue Heart Springs may be the clearest water in Idaho. I have never personally been  but I have seen videos and photos and read reviews. This place is gorgeous.

  • 2

    Niagara Springs - Clear Lakes

    This water is ridiculously cold, it comes directly out of the ground at a temperature that my toes want to fall off but the water is so blue and so clear. It is beautiful. Niagara Springs itself is a great place to visit.

  • 3

    Ritter Island

    You see people rave about Ritter Island all the time. The water is gorgeous, a great place to kayak and maybe even swim if you are ok with the cooler water.

  • 4

    Red Fish

    Red Fish Lake has been named some of the clearest water in Idaho. A very popular spot in the summer time it is going to be packed when you go but what says an awesome place more than having people go there to enjoy it.

  • 5

    Box Canyon

    A great little hike and a lot of fun to check out, Box Canyon has some gorgeously blue and clear water.

  • 6

    Banbury Wetlands

    This place is supposed to be absolutely stunning. Again, a place I have not been to before but is now on my bucket list. It apparently makes some interesting designs when the blue water mixes with the Snake River water.

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