Is it spring? Is it winter? Nobody knows day-to-day around this time of year. A day can be nice and in to 60's, and the next can be in the 20's and snowing. There is no consistency this time of year, but those days that are warmer and feel like true spring, make residents emerge from their homes and get outside, even if for a day or two. Most are excited for the winter weather to finally move on, but with warmer weather, some issues arise. There is one major issue in Idaho, especially in the Magic Valley that nobody wants to admit, but is hard to ignore as nicer days approach.

The Issue With Spring in Idaho

Credit: RoterPanther
Credit: RoterPanther

When the weather gets nicer, more people are outside. The winters are so long, that when one nice day pops up, residents are antsy to get out. When the weather becomes nice permanently, then weekends and nights are often outdoor time. It has been months since we have seen them, but one of the ways people enjoy spending time outside in the spring is to be standing on corners and begging. This past weekend, the weather was nicer and there were a decent amount of of people on corners begging already. You can't fault them for enjoying the weather and being outside, but they wasted no time this year in getting their signs and standing on the corner. 

Beggars in the Magic Valley

Credit: Zinkevych
Credit: Zinkevych

Every city in America has people who stand on corners and ask for money. In Twin Falls, they seem to be on every single corner and in major parking lots. There were multiple people and families out this weekend, especially in front of Walmart and on Pole Line. You don't have to give to them, and typically they won't speak to you or approach your car, but they can make people feel uncomfortable or pressured to give. The nicer the weather gets, the more and more the corners will be filled, especially on weekends. Spoiler, most of these people are not truly homeless and are making good money on the corners. 

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As you run errands this spring, keep your eyes open and take notice of more and more beggars out and about. The corners will soon be flooded, and plenty of signs will be out. You can donate if you choose, and you can donate as much or as little as you want. If someone has a great sign, it might be worth a dollar or two. Creativity should be rewarded. It's up to you how you act to these individuals, but be prepared, they are out already, and it will only get worse as the weather gets nicer.

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