Black Friday is this week! You can save money on everything from TVs to toys but you there are some things you should NOT buy on Black Friday.

You may also be wondering which items you can save the most on. Turns out that if you are still buying your music on CDs, your movies on DVDs and your books on paper...Black Friday is going to save you $100s.

WalletHub just analyzed Black Friday deals. The BEST things to buy on Black Friday are books, music, and movies . . . they have an average discount of 28%.  Toys and video games came in second, at 22% off.

The WORST discounts on Black Friday are on jewelry . . . jewelry's only an average of 4% off.  Furniture has the second-worst average discount, at 8%.

Also, be careful before you buy something . . . the study also found that plenty of stores will try to take advantage of your urge to shop by marking things UP on Black Friday.

17.2% of stuff is advertised at prices that are HIGHER than the price on Amazon right now.