My husband has definitely complained about my shoes and apparently he is not the only guy who doesn't like women's shoes. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, 79% of men say they actually pay attention to what shoes their wife or girlfriend wears . . . and 59% think she has BAD TASTE in footwear.  Here are the women's shoes men think are UGLIEST:

1.  71% of men hate wedge heels.

2.  67% don't like Uggs.

3.  63% don't like Crocs.

4.  58% hate platform shoes.

5.  55% don't like flip flops.

6.  49% don't like moccasins.

7.  42% hate mary janes.  Those are the low-cut shoes with a strap.

8.  37% hate ballet flats.

9.  34% don't like kitten heels.  Those are the ones with the short curvy heel.

10.  25% hate sneakers.