Weird Things That Guys Do
We all do things without realizing it. But guys so a lot of things without realizing. According to, here is the top things men do without even thinking about it:
Does Your Husband Annoy You?
I will admit, that I annoy my husband on a daily basis, and he can slightly annoy me too. It just happens when you've been with someone for a while. According to a new survey from Female First, here are the ten things men do that annoy women the most. Is this list really accurate?
Did I Shower Today?
Ever wondered about whether or not you, or a male in your life, showered?  This handy map will help them navigate the murky waters of cleanliness.  Just leave it on their desktop.  Hopefully they'll get the hint.
Who Handles The Flu the Worst?
I will admit that most men are physically stronger than women. But when it comes to who can deal better with the flu, my money's on women.
According to a new survey from Express women say men are WAY worse at handling the flu . . . and men don't completely disagree.
In the survey, only 41% of men say …
The 10 Women’s Shoes Men Think Are Ugliest
My husband has definitely complained about my shoes and apparently he is not the only guy who doesn't like women's shoes. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, 79% of men say they actually pay attention to what shoes their wife or girlfriend wears . . . and 59% think she has …
Do Guys Spend More Money Than Women? [POLL]
Fathers Day is coming up and like most years, everything my husband wants is WAY out of my price range. He never seems to want anything that is in my price range. Guys in general have very few things on their wish list that isn't thousands of dollars...women on the other hand, would be complete…
Men Are More Likely Than Women to Double-Dip a Chip
Double dipping is defiantly a golden rule. You just don't do it. According to a new survey by Tostitos from PR Newswire, two out of five Americans under age 35 have double-dipped a chip.  Nearly half of men have done it . . . while only one in three women admit to it.
Why Do You Think Women Talk More Than Men?
I am well aware that I talk way more than my husband but I had no idea I said 20,000 words a day . . . which is almost TRIPLE the number guys say, at about 7,000.  Women are known to be more outgoing and overall more chatty than men but scientists have figured out why.

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