Local Business Collects Shoes
My kids are constantly growing out of their shoes. This results in an overflow of old shoes in my laundry room. If you also have a pile of shoes in your home that nobody is wearing Success Martial Arts wants them for people in need.
Taking Your Shoes Off
Shoes are gross. We walk in public bathrooms, through mud puddles, across grass that has been used as a restroom for animals and then we walk in our houses. Some things in life you can look past others you can not!
Do you make your guests take off their shoes when they come into your home?
The 10 Women’s Shoes Men Think Are Ugliest
My husband has definitely complained about my shoes and apparently he is not the only guy who doesn't like women's shoes. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, 79% of men say they actually pay attention to what shoes their wife or girlfriend wears . . . and 59% think she has …