The newest challenge is standing a broom up by itself and making it stay. It started because supposedly NASA said yesterday (February 10) was the only day it would work. This is a hoax. But, it is still fun to watch.

It was a pretty impressive ruse. A fake tweet suggested that because of the gravitational pull yesterday, it was the only day that a broom could stand on it's own. Well, that isn't true. Try it today, it still works if you put the effort into it.

I swear over night this challenge popped up all over the place. It totally reminds me of the movie "Fantasia" where Wizard Mickey gets the brooms to do the chores for him. I think that needs to be the new challenge, getting a broom to clean my house for me. Let's just skip the part where the brooms flood the house and they create infinite brooms of destruction.

So let's recap, NASA never was linked to the challenge, there was nothing special yesterday about the gravitational pull or the alignment of the planets that would make your broom stand on one end and you can do this every day.

It is a harmless challenge that I honestly am enjoying seeing everywhere. It looks like some fun for kids. Just remember the magic formula if you bring a broom to life so you don't flood the house and maybe get it to do some chores for you.

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