Greg Jannetta
Greg Jannetta

If you have ever traveled north of Box Canyon State Park to a restaurant called West Point Restaurant, you may have had the pleasure of seeing some migrating eagles. Right now is a great time to check out the restaurant and some beautiful bald eagles that have made their home in a few trees.

The "Eagle Tree" is located between Hagerman and Wendell

North of Box Canyon State Park these trees that the eagles seem to really enjoy returning to. If you frequent the restaurant around the year you have probably seen them at one point or another. They also like to nest there and raise some eaglets. It is pretty cool to see.

What to know about the Eagle Tree

It is on private land. You can enjoy the view of the eagles from the road, from a distance, from the restaurant, however, do not go on the private land to try and see these creatures. Over the years the owners of the private property have stated that they, unfortunately, had people vandalize and steal from their property. So people should not go on the private land.

I have only seen bald eagles a few times and they are gorgeous. I have heard the food at West Point Restaurant is fantastic so heading out there, getting some food, and enjoying the show. I bet it is beautiful right now out there.

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