One of the best things about living in Idaho is that there is a change in the seasons. Plenty of jokes abound, but there are 4 distinct seasons in Idaho. While fall has been mostly pleasant thus far, a look at the winter to come is in order. We all want to have a complete picture of exactly what to expect. It’s never going to be perfectly accurate, but maybe just a general overview would be nice.

There are 2 Kinds of Winter People

Winter has plenty of things for people to complain about. Drivers hate icy roads and then growl about the stuff used to battle the ice. We all gripe about the cold and grumble when the bugs don’t die fast enough. Snow can be too wet to ski on or too dry to make snowballs. No matter what type of winter weather we get in Idaho, someone will be disappointed.

How you feel about winter weather will determine how you feel about the forecast. Idaho residents battle with each other as to what a ‘good’ winter entails. The Farmer’s Almanac tells us some information. How we choose to feel about it is entirely up to us.

What Can Idaho expect for This Winter Season?

We can expect rain and snow across Idaho, well big surprise. By the end of November, it will be sunny in the north, but more snow is expected in southern Idaho, and everywhere should get very cold. The prediction was for 2 inches of precipitation in the south for the month of November. Right now, Idaho is mostly at or above normal precipitation barring the panhandle.

In December, sunny and cold prevail until mid-December. Then rain and snow with chilly conditions melt into sunny and mild again until just before Christmas. Strangely, there may be a chance of a white Christmas on the horizon, with a prediction of above 1” of precipitation in December.

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Farther into the future, some people are predicting a wet and snowy winter. Depending on how you feel about snow, this could be a good or bad winter for you. Either enjoy it, or enjoy complaining about it.

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