Jeopardy usually goes way over my head, but any Idahoan worth their weight in potatoes would have nailed any of these questions about Twin Falls.

Here are six questions about Twin Falls that have appeared on Jeapardy.

Aired 5/2/2017 - US GEOGRAPHY - $1000
Waterfalls on this river include Shoshone Falls & Twin Falls

Answer: What is the Snake River?

Aired 5/1/2013 - TRAVEL & TOURISM - $200
I'm in this state, known for spectacular scenery such as waterfalls; Shoshone Falls, near Twin Falls, is 20 feet higher than Niagara.

Answer: Where is Idaho?

Aired 3/14/2013 - NORTH AMERICAN RIVERS - $1200
The Perrine Bridge near Twin Falls, Idaho is the only US bridge from wich so-called BASE jumpers can legally parachute without a permit into this river below.

Answer: What is the Snake River?

Aired 4/23/14 WATERFALLS - $400
On the Snake River, it once was a pair of waterfalls (thus its name), but one no longer flows because of a dam

Answer: What are the Twin Falls?

Aired on 12/14/2007 - A SNAKEY CATEGORY - $1200
Twin Falls on the Snake give give this state's city of Twin Falls its name

Answer: What is Idaho?

Aired on 12/4/2002 - COUNTIES - $2000
Counties in this state include Jefferson, Shoshone and Twin Falls

Answer: What is Idaho?

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