There will be a back in parking demonstration today in downtown Twin Falls from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. The demonstration will be conducted by the Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency.

If you would like to try back-in parking, the demonstration area will be available until May 27. The area is complete with a 3 step process on how to properly back into a parking spot. Step 1 signal, step 2 stop and step 3 reverse.

According to, the Project Advisory Committee recommended back-in parking would allow the city to keep the sidewalks at their current width because back-in angled spaces are smaller, and make Main Avenue safer for bicyclists because people pulling out could see them.

The city has not received many comments regarding back-in parking. If you would like to voice your opinion, the Twin Falls City Council will take public comment on the proposal at its May 26 meeting.

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