Who Has the Worst Parking Lot in Twin Falls?
From Costco to Starbucks to the Twin Falls County Courthouse, Twin has some pretty tight squeezes when it comes to parking.  Watch the video to hear what some of you had to say and let us know who you think has the worst parking lot in Twin Falls...
What is the Worst Parking Lot in Twin Falls? [Poll]
Why in the world are parking places measured for Mini Coopers and Geo Metros? I'm actually thinking about buying a really small car just so my vehicle fits in parking places. It's impossible to park in some Twin Falls parking lots without door-dinging someone or getting door dinged.
Waiting For a Parking Spot
If you grocery shop like I do, you shop the day after pay day. This seems like it would be a great plan until you get to the store and realize that everyone else had the same plan. You end up spending 20 minutes in the parking lot because you can't find find an empty spot or you can stalk someo…
Where NOT To Park During Twin Falls' Western Days
This may seem like a silly question, but where should you park in Twin Falls during Western Days? There are events going on all weekend, and parking will be at a premium. Here are a few helpful and handy hints to get you and your wheels safely through Western Days 2014.
Drop Off Zones
I will be the first to admit that I am still learning when it comes to my children and our school systems. That being said, what is the proper procedure for dropping off your children at school? At High Schools I know there is a specific "Drop Off Zone" but at the elementary school…

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