The quagga mussel infestation has impacted many residents and businesses along the Snake River since last month. There are no kayak rentals at Centennial Park. No tours are floating under the Perrine Bridge. Nobody is driving into Shoshone Falls Park to take pictures of the falls. Nobody catches dinner.

Maybe that’s a good thing. There’s a new development in the Shoshone Falls quagga mussel treatment saga. First, it was treated to a nifty color blue. The treatment lasted for 10 days, spanning from October 3rd to October 13th.

Credit Twin Falls Sheriff
Credit Twin Falls Sheriff

Now, it is gone. Somebody turned the water off. There is now no reason to feel disappointed for missing the chance to bring family to see the falls. There are no falls to see. Since you can’t drive down or walk down, there is a site for you to not see for yourself.

Credit City of Twin Falls
Credit City of Twin Falls

When this issue has been resolved, we will all breathe a great sigh of relief. Until then, pack it up, there’s no water for you here.

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Do not lament missing the chance to enjoy kayaking the river in this wonderful, sunny, warm, perfect Autumn weather. This gives everyone a chance to get a thorough cleaning of their boats and boating equipment. Hot washes are available at the Twin Falls Visitor Center and are expected to move to Centennial Waterfront Park in the future. That’s what we’ve all been hoping for, an extremely clean kayak to put away for the rest of the year.

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