The following is a representation of social media posts and their translation along with corresponding responses.

Statement: Lotsa towns got a local swimmin’ hole. ‘Round these parts, we got Dierkes Lake.

Translation: Many areas have a local favorite lake, river, or pond used to cool off and swim. Dierkes Lake is a nearby park and swimming spot that can see up to 500 visitors a day.

Statement: That there pond gets funky. It must be growin’ algae and mutants ‘cause the water don’t move. The local muckity mucks say its safe. They even have sci-ee-in-ti-fi-cal proof. When that there pond gets funky, they fiddle with some test tubes and mark it sickly if critters is growin’ too severe-like.

Translation and response: The water in Dierkes sometimes turns green and opaque. Some people mistakenly believe the water is stagnant. There are many springs supplying fresh water that drain out near Shoshone Falls. Officials regularly test the water in Dierkes Lake and find it to be safe. In the late summer, water levels decline and water temperatures go up. These things can theoretically cause algae blooms and if one were detected, there would be signage indicating ‘Unsafe to Swim In. Do Not Swim’.

Statement: My cousin says that their girlfriend has a sister whose roommate swam there and got sick so bad they were in the hospital for a month.

Translation and response: Somebody read a story on social media and reposted it.

Most emergency response calls to Dierkes Lake are for diving accidents or accidental drownings. The City doesn’t have a record of any reported illnesses from swimming in the water at Dierkes Lake.

Statement: There’s so much fish and goose turds in that water, there’s mutant fish that’ll eat your feet off.

Translation and response: Animals poop in the water and make it unclean.

the City partners with the Department of Environmental Quality to test the water for toxins including e. coli and cyanotoxins. The City sets an extremely low threshold of 126/100mL for e. coli as opposed to the national threshold of 235/100mL to further ensure public safety.

So, just keep swimming and don’t believe everything your friends repost on social media. Anyone with questions about Dierkes Lake water quality should visit TFID.ORG

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