Waking up and going to work every day is draining, and it is why many look forward to those few days and weeks through the year when they get to enjoy some much-needed time away. While using paid time off is nice, it is also nice to have those random days off work that you don't have to burn your PTO. Throughout the year there are random times that employees get to stay home and enjoy an extended weekend or random days off, but those days are few and far between. There are certain times of the year that employees must suffer through, and we are now entering the worst time of the year.

The Worst Time of the Year

Credit: fizkes
Credit: fizkes

At the end of the year, there is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, and it feels like every couple of weeks there is time off without having to use PTO. The year turns over, there is Martin Luther King Day in January, Presidents Day in February, and then nothing until Memorial Day in May. While not everyone gets the first two off, they are days that certain companies do get to enjoy off of work though. From mid-February to the end of May, there are no holidays, making it the longest part of the year without any three-day weekends built into the calendar. This stretch is tough, and often draining for employees. As many save up their PTO for summer vacation, potential sick days, or the holidays at the end of the year, these three months with no days off can be tough to navigate. While it makes it a terrible time of the year, it isn't the only thing that makes it tough. 

The Confusing Weather Sucks

Credit: Vera_Petrunina
Credit: Vera_Petrunina

While the lack of holidays and time off sucks, the weather plays a factor as well. Employees should be able to look forward to the weekends and be able to know if they are playing in the snow or enjoying some time in the yard. One weekend you may be outside throwing around a football, and the next you may be bundled up under the blanket by the fire stuck inside due to snow, rain, or cold weather. It makes it tough to have fun and enjoy time away from work when you can't make accurate plans. 

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The time is now upon us all to suffer and try to make it through the next few months. You can take some time off to enjoy spring break with your kids, or perhaps take a personal day or two, but having to use those precious days off is a tragedy. Hopefully, the weather is nice so you can enjoy them if you do use them, but only three months to go until we can all enjoy a precious extended weekend on Memorial Day.

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