Due to the infernal infestation of Quagga Mussels, much of the nearby Snake River is closed not only to watercraft but to hungry fishermen as well. This precaution is accepted as a necessity to protect our most beloved river. Not to mention it protects our equipment, canals, and drinking water as well.

For the enthusiasts who are desperate to get to Blue Heart on the Snake River, there is still hope. As of the time of this article, there are a few options to get to the secluded getaway. It may be getting chillier, but lots of paddlers love the chance to get on the river and experience a more subdued trip. Wildlife isn’t as scared off with fewer people around, and with nobody wanting to jump in the frosty clear water at Blue Heart, plenty of intimate wildlife encounters can be had.

Where is the Closest Open Access to Blue Heart Right Now?

Thousand Springs Resort is still open to put in the water. The trip is a bit upstream, but the Snake is not so powerful it cannot be traversed to get there, then you can float downstream to get back. It will cost $5 to put in the water there, but well worth the beautiful atmosphere.

Banbury still has open access to the river. It is a downstream trip to Blue Heart and upstream back, but there is a small caveat. You can only paddle to Blue Heart from Banbury if you rent from Banbury Adventures. They are not allowing outside watercraft in the water from their property.

Ritter Island has a place to put in the water, but it was unknown if kayaks were allowed to be put in at this time. It is under the direction of the Parks and Recreation Department, not privately owned property. Contact the Visitor Center at (208) 837-4505 before making plans for a trip there. They are open Thursday - Monday 9 AM to 3 PM.

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We all want the infestation to be contained and eradicated. We all want to get our last moments of kayak time before winter sets in. With a bit of wrangling, both things can happen.

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