There are plenty of signs that show where a person stands in society. The size of someone's house, the type of car they drive, the type of clothes they wear, and several other things. Society often judges and compares individuals by these accessories and assets, but there is one quick way to know everything you need to know about someone, specifically women. The next time you are out, check what kind of cup a person is holding, and you can learn a lot about them quickly. Just by what a woman drinks out of, you will learn more than you know, and here is how.

The Different Types of Cups

Credit: junpinzon
Credit: junpinzon

It may seem silly, but people are very picky about what they drink out of, specifically women and moms. My wife is an avid cup collector and has far too many, but I have learned through the years that different cups are for different things and represent a person differently. Back when I was a child, everyone knew that one teacher or adult that had the plastic Big Gulp cup from 7-Eleven. Over time those became less popular and the Yeti became the go-to cup. Those eventually faded and the hydro flask became the go-to and is still relevant today, but the Stanley has begone to emerge and become the go-to cup lately. Tumblers are big as well and continue to be so. The evolution has been slow, but every few years a new way to drink emerges and becomes more popular than the previous trend.

Ranking People by Their Cups in the Magic Valley

Credit: Gary Tou on Unsplash
Credit: Gary Tou on Unsplash

When it comes to judging people by what they drink, there is a scale to keep an eye out for. The following is how you would view somebody based on their cup, starting with the highest rank to the lowest:

  1. Stanley - Drink snob and more on the high end
  2. Hydro Flask - Gym rat and also high end
  3. Yeti - Outdoors person that enjoys hiking and being hydrated that is on the high end
  4. Tumbler - Picky, often thirsty individual that is middle to high end
  5. Big Gulp - Doesn't like change but drinks a lot and is on the lower to middle end
  6. Fast Food Cup - On the move and needed a drink with food or soon. On the lower to middle end.
  7. Plastic Water Bottle - Needs a drink at any cost, cheap and efficient on the low end
  8. Plastic Cup from Home - Somebody that is cheap and doesn't like change that is on the lowest end.

These do not mean that these people are higher class citizens or lower class citizens, but how they prefer to stay hydrated. Everyone has a preference and some people, like myself, do not like change, while others want the newest thing. I never knew that people cared so much about cups until my wife and coworkers began discussing it.

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As the phrase says, 'you can never judge a book by its cover,' but when it comes to drinking and cups, this is pretty accurate. The next time you are out, take a look to see what others are drinking out of and see how accurate this list is. The important thing is to stay hydrated and drink out of whatever your preference is. If you haven't gotten a Stanley yet though, they are worth the cost.

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